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Pierce College sits on 426 acres in the western San Fernando Valley. Each semester about 22,000 students are served in a diverse and dynamic mix of career, technical, transfer, workforce education and general interest programs. The school’s comprehensive curriculum includes exceptional science, technology and nursing departments.

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New Library/Learning Crossroads Building

Pierce - New Library-Learning Crossroads Building1

New Library/Learning Crossroads Building

The New Library/Learning Crossroads Building is a two-story building organized around a central courtyard. Included are computer labs, a student welcome center, center for academic success, a faculty resource center, and a dining commons.

Student Services Building

Pierce - Student Services1

Student Services Building

The Student Services Building is a three-story building located at the southern tip of the main Pedestrian mall to house the Career/Transfer Center, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Counseling, Health Services, and other student services.

Active Projects

Project Status Budget Expended Substantial Completion
Life Science, Chemistry, Physics Building In Construction $22,006,996 $12,478,092 6/27/16
Phase II Renovations - Administration Building - Interior and Exterior In Construction $11,390,485 $6,854,749 6/27/16
Phase II Renovations - Computer Science and Computer Learning In Construction $10,398,954 $3,417,948 6/28/17
Phase II Renovations - Behavioral Science, Social science, Mathematics, and English Buildings In Construction $17,147,992 $4,000,215 6/28/17
Campus Center (Existing) - General In Construction $2,577,379 $2,537,609 6/27/16
SLE - North of Mall - Classroom Modernization/Technology/Low Voltage In Construction $9,268,054 $3,662,436 6/28/17
SLE Community Services/Agriculture Science Building Renovation In Construction $6,036,564 $2,411,746 11/8/16
SLE Faculty Center/Campus Center In Construction $3,935,969 $1,577,897 6/27/16
Parking Lots and Roadways - Anthropology/Geography In Programming $2,531,338 $229,197 12/7/18
Mason Reroute In Programming $3,688,255 $1,207,911 3/26/19
Restrooms Renovations Campus In Planning $414,729 $247,352 9/5/18
Horticulture Building In Design $74,049 $74,049 6/8/19
P.E. Facilities - Improvements In Design $1,063,000 $101,238 4/29/19
SLE - Center for the Sciences Technology Upgrades In Design $1,181,301 $435,004 3/5/18
SLE - North of Mall - ADA/Landscaping In Construction $7,612,324 $1,816,920 6/29/17
Horticulture Facility In Planning $7,752,850 $2,722,558 6/8/19
Digital Arts and Media Building In Planning $32,950,719 $1,558,437 3/22/21
SLE - South of Mall - Classroom Modernization/Technology/Low Voltage In Planning $9,617,509 $781,686 11/18/19
Expanded Automotive and New Technical Education Facilities In Programming $27,330,750 $1,457,994 4/21/20
Campus Fire Access Road Improvements In Programming $379,594 $60,603 4/22/20
SLE - South of Mall - ADA/Landscaping In Planning $2,377,927 $77,307 11/18/19
Central Plant Expansion - West Central Plant In Programming $6,300,791 $119,333 12/10/19

For more information on any of the projects listed above, please refer to the monthly dashboard report

* Data as of Nov 2015, as published on the December 2015 Dashboard report
* Projects listed at a sub-project level
* Only active projects are listed above. Projects in closeout and those considered 40J (i.e. ADA, Stormwater, etc) are not included above.

Project Fact Sheets

Harbor College Complex
DECEMBER 23, 2016

Los Angeles Harbor College Science Complex

Los Angeles Harbor College Science Complex

Program Highlights - Fall 2016
OCTOBER 31, 2016

Program Highlights - Fall 2016

Program Highlights - Fall 2016

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  • Outreach
  • Other
  • Multiple
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